another Facebook fiasco
Faces Broadened Federal Investigations
gave companies access to widely blocked user data

Texas man bites tail off rattlesnake, releases it in neighbor's home....

Woman confronts Pruitt at restaurant, tells him to resign.....

latest Trump official to be harassed at a restaurant....

Florida deputy fatally shoots alligator who chased teen girl up tree....

Google reportedly allows outside app developers to read people's Gmails....

TFlorida man, 91, threatens pastor over ex-girlfriend....

Report: Indiana Attorney General groped 4 women at bar.....

Thieves steal a cell phone then use Facebook to steal money...

Samsung Messages glitch could be sending your photos to random contacts....

Woman bites off ear of Chinese restaurant owner in dispute over food...

Marijuana prescription drug approval worrying cannabis startups....

Man Who Smelled So Bad a Plane Had to Make Emergency Landing Dies of Tissue Necrosis...

Frequent flyers, flight crews at increased risk for cancer...

Boeing's hypersonic passenger plane could get you from New York to London in 2 hours...

Chipotle CEO plans marketing blitz, closing up to 65 stores....

West Virginia man charged after police said he threw chicken feces at the Red Hen...

Man breaks into home, eats Frosted Flakes after passing out at adult entertainment store...

Seattle bans plastic straws, utensils at restaurants, bars.....

Man threatens to chop up GOP Sen. Rand Paul's family with an ax.....

Yelp can't be forced to remove negative posts, California Supreme Court rules.....

Illinois man stabs parents of girl who called him 'ugly'...

Brian Ross out at ABC News months after botched report on Donald Trump, Russia tanked stock market... ..

Canadian tariffs begin on $12.6 billion of US goods, from ketchup to steel...

Posh school's plan to segregate students by race draws parents' ire...

Russian TV boasts about electing Trump ahead of summit with Putin ...

Restaurant manager fired after refusing to serve customer in MAGA hat...

Fox News' Maria Bartiromo is getting slammed for her friendly interview with Trump....

Fox Defends...

Russian sex robot brothel opens 24 hours-a-day as demand during World Cup SKYROCKETS..

Baby boom at Texas hospital: 48 babies born in 41 hours..

Notorious French gangster escapes jail for the second time after two armed accomplices land HELICOPTER in Paris prison courtyard before flying him to a waiting car...
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Wall Street Journal
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White House Declines Request To Lower Flags To Honor Capital Gazette Shooting Victims...

Sweltering heat wave bakes large part of nation as July 4 approaches ...

Notorious race-faker Rachel Dolezal is booked and fingerprinted at Washington jail after being accused of welfare fraud...

Man injured after 'upskirting' camera explodes in his shoe...

Feud between residents at Long Beach senior living facility led to fatal shooting of firefighter ...

Man accused of driving into crowd at Charlottesville rally faces federal charges, could receive death penalty. ...

Lyft driver arrested on suspicion of stabbing passenger. ...

Women in tech: Pay gaps, harassment and a restroom three floors down ...

Hospital says it's not liable for loss of eggs, embryos in freezer malfunction ...

Bear recorded relaxing in hot tub, drinking margarita ...

Obama still backing Pelosi ...

Mass stabbing at Idaho apartment complex leaves 9 injured, suspect in custody...

Indiana police say they seized 'Trump-shaped ecstasy pills'...

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