Hospitals warn repealing Obamacare would create 'crisis'....

Trump top national security adviser's son removed from transition after spreading conspiracy theory...

Michael Flynn Jnr out after 'Pizzagate' tweets....

Mike Pence Gets Entangled in Pizzagate...

United Airlines will charge extra fee for use of overhead bins....

GOP member of the Electoral College: I won't back Trump; he's 'not qualified for the office'....

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump....

Law Firm Offering Free Legal Advice To Electors Who Don't Want To Vote For Trump....

Why efforts to persuade the electoral college to ditch Trump probably won't work....

Trump wants the contract to develop a new Air Force One canceled, calling the program 'ridiculous'...

Cites high cost....

KFC releases scented candle for people who want their home to smell of fried chicken.....

Filing: As guard lay dying, inmate stole gum from his pocket....

Man sues after mislabeled DNA leads to mistaken arrest on rape charges.....

Black Workers' Suit Accuses Job Agency of Favoring Hispanic Applicants....

China Seeks 'Strategic Composure' in Trump Era of Diplomacy....

Arrest of refugee in rape and slaying in Germany threatens Merkel's immigration policy....

Angela Merkel proposes burqa ban in Germany..

Shifts Onto Re-election Footing....

last of Obama's key European allies still standing....

Historians seek reparations for Californians forcibly sterilized....

Legal Weed Is Hurting the Beer Business....

Malta becomes first country in Europe to ban 'gay cure' therapy....

Thousands of snow geese die in Montana after landing on contaminated water....

The city of Milwaukee is ready to regulate and charge citizens for playing Pokemon Go..

More colleges open food pantries to fight hunger on America's campuses....

In Bid to Belong, Israeli Arabs Sign Up for Israel's Army...

Sleep-deprived drivers have plenty in common with drunk drivers....

Missing 1-2 Hours of Sleep Doubles Crash Risk...

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Warning about plot to blow up Universal City station prompts heightened security across L.A...

commuters encounter bag searches, heavily armed deputies..

Is Christie the most unpopular governor in America?..

Pipeline Protesters, Battered By Blizzard, Vow To Stay....

What the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Really About....

Texas A&M students, faculty protest speech by white nationalist leader; appearance at Texas A&M draws hundreds....

Weather Channel to Breitbart: 'Climate change is real, and please stop using our video to mislead Americans'....

Trump announces Japanese corporate giant is investing $50 billion in the U.S...

Alaska Air Wins U.S. Approval for Virgin America Takeover...

Carrier's parent company says Indiana jobs will be lost to automation...

Scandal-ridden Wells Fargo wants less regulation...

A condo for sale in Trump Tower is touting the Secret Service as a hot new amenity...

Van Jones: Only a 'Love Army' Will Conquer Trump...

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